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Accounting for the numberphobic : a survival guide for small business owners / Dawn Fotopulos
New York : AMACOM/American Management Association, 2015
312 tr. ; cm.

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Air transport and tourism : interrelationship, operations and strategies / M.R. Dileep and Ajesh Kurien
Abingdon : Routledge, 2022
493 tr. ; cm.

Air Transport and Tourism: Interrelationship, Operations and Strategies is a comprehensive textbook covering all major aspects of air transport from operational and managerial perspectives, as well as exploring the intricate relationship that exists between the air transport and tourism industries. The book introduces and provides in-depth coverage of the complexities of the airline industry, the tourism industry and the ways in which they are connected and impact on each other, for example the destination - airport - airline nexus, and the roles of air transport and airlines in tourism and vice versa. Emphasis is placed on current and future trends, the impact of COVID-19, sustainability, and environmental challenges throughout. Comprehensive coverage of airline operations, strategic management and planning, airport operations, and air transport information technology is also provided, offering a practical viewpoint on these vital aspects of the subject. This will be the ideal introductory textbook for students of tourism and hospitality studying courses in aviation and air travel
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Business Information Systems : Technology, Development and Management for the E-Business / Paul Bocij; Andrew Greasley; Simon Hickie
Pearson Education Limited, 2014
704 tr. ; cm.

In order to run a successful business, today’s manager needs to combine business skills with an understanding of information systems and the opportunities and benefits that they bring to an organisation. Starting from basic concepts, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible guide to: Understanding the technology of business information systems; Choosing the right information system for an organisation; Developing and managing an efficient business information system;
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Cultural Due Diligence in Hospitality Ventures : A Methodological Approach for Joint Ventures of Local Communities and Companies / Nicole Häusler.
Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2017
360 tr. ; cm.

This book introduces readers to a powerful method for cross-cultural due diligence in mergers and organizational collaborations. It employs the context of joint ventures between local communities and companies in the domain of hospitality in emerging tourism destinations. The book first analyzes the impact of cultural diversity in mergers between local communities and the private sector, revealing the characteristics and functions of culture and paying specific attention to the roles of organizational and community cultures in hospitality. In two subsequent methodological chapters the book presents a theoretical framework for cultural due diligence and identifies the principal actors, technical aspects and core principles. On the basis of a separate case study from northern Thailand, the book provides an example of cultural context analysis and presents the findings and results. In a concluding chapter the book presents an outlook on further research and development in this field.
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Customer relationship management / Ed Peelen; Rob Beltman
Pearson, 2013
436 tr. ; cm.

Customer Relationship Management gives a well-balanced coverage of strategy and organisation, marketing aspects, analytical CRM, operational CRM, CRM systems and their implementation. It is the only comprehensive academic text to cover the entire scope of CRM from a marketing management angle
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