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Advances in enterprise information technology security / Djamel Khadraoui, Francine Herrmann
Hershey PA : Information Science Reference, 2007
389 tr. ; cm.

This book provides a broad working knowledge of all the major security issues affecting today's enterprise IT activities. Multiple techniques, strategies, and applications are thoroughly examined, presenting the tools to address opportunities in the field.It is an all-in-one reference for IT managers, network administrators, researchers, and students
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Cơ Sở Công Nghệ Phần Mềm / Lương Mạnh Bá (Ch.b); Lương Thanh Bình; Cao Tuấn Dũng; Nguyễn Thị Thu Trang; Lê Đức Trung
Khoa học và kỹ thuật, 2018
236 tr. ; cm.

Giới thiệu chung về phần mềm và các vấn đề liên quan. Tìm hiểu công nghệ phần mềm: Khái niệm - qui trình - mô hình phát triển; quản lí dự án phần mềm: Khái niệm và qui trình; các kỹ năng thực tiễn; tổng quan về công nghệ hệ thống; đặc tả yêu cầu người dùng; thiết kế hệ thống; thiết kế chương trình; kiểm thử và bảo trì phần mềm
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Information Technology in Pharmacy : An Integrated Approach / Stephen Goundrey-Smith
London : Springer, 2013
249 tr. ; cm.

The book will examine pharmacy IT from an international perspective, taking into account all parts of the world where IT systems are used in pharmacy practice – namely – North America, the UK, Western Europe and Australia – and will compare pharmacy IT in the different regions. This book is from the author of Principles of Electronic Prescribing
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Network programmability and automation : skills for the next-generation network engineer / Edelman, Jason; Lowe, Scott; Oswalt, Matt
US : O'Reilly Media, 2018
559tr. : minh họa ; 24cm.

This practical guide shows network engineers how to use a range of technologies and tools--including Linux, Python, JSON, and XML--to automate their systems through code. [This book] will help you simplify tasks involved in configuring, managing, and operating network equipment, topologies, services, and connectivity.
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Project management for IT-related projects : textbook for the ISEB foundation certificate in IS project management / Bob Hughes
UK : The Chartered Institute for IT, 2019
162 tr. ; 24 cm.

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