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Absolute essentials of digital marketing / Alan Charlesworth
London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2021
118 tr. ; cm.

This shortform textbook provides readers with a comprehensive yet concise overview of the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. The author, a well-renowned teacher and writer on the subject, presents a concise and clear structure that works step by step through each of the core aspects of the subject, including SEO, metrics and analytics, web development, e-commerce, social media and digital marketing strategy. Presented in nine chapters to suit delivery periods at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the book can be used as either a core text that gives tutors a sound platform on which to structure a module on digital marketing or as supporting text where digital marketing is an element of a module with a broader scope, such as strategic marketing. Pedagogical features include an essential summary paragraph at the start of each chapter, focused references and further reading. There is also online teaching and learning support for both in-class and digital delivery, including suggested case studies, chapter questions and other activities
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B2B digital marketing strategy : how to use new frameworks and models to achieve growth / Simon Hall
London : Kogan Page, 2020
353 tr. ; cm.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy is a decisive guide to the most recent developments in the field. It gives readers an overview of the latest frameworks and models, and shows how these can be used to overcome the everyday challenges associated with account targeting, data utilization, and digital campaign management. Intensely practical, B2B Digital Marketing Strategy helps readers get to grips with some of the more advanced and complex elements of B2B marketing. It expertly explains how to incorporate the latest digital methodologies into critical processes such as lead generation, customer retention and customer experience personalization. Packed with global case studies and examples, this book is an invaluable resource for any professional operating in the B2B space
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Content marketing : think like a publisher how to use content to market online and in social media / Rebecca Lieb
Indianapolis : Que, 2012
271 tr. ; cm.

Content marketing basics. What is content marketing, anyway? -- |t Why is content important now? -- |t You're a publisher; think like one -- |t What kind of content are you? -- |t Content that entertains -- |t Content that informs and educates -- |t Providing utility -- |t Content curation and aggregation -- |t Finding a voice -- |t Getting tactical: content nuts & bolts. Overview of digital content channels -- |t Content and SEO -- |t Content and PR -- |t Content and advertising -- |t Content marketing for live events -- |t Content and customer service -- |t Content and reputation management -- |t User-generated content -- |t Content distribution and dissemination -- |t Whose job is content? -- |t How to conduct a content audit -- |t How to analyze content needs -- |t The content workflow -- |t Never over: post-publication. Listening...and responding -- |t Remaking, remodeling, and repurposing content -- |t Tools of the trade -- |t Yes, but is it working? Content metrics and analytics.
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Digital marketing : strategic planning & integration / Annmarie Hanlon
Los Angeles : SAGE, 2019
417 tr. ; cm.

Part 1. Digital marketing essentials -- The digital marketing environment -- The digital consumer -- Part 2. Digital marketing tools and channels -- Email, websites, SEO and paid search -- Content marketing -- Social media marketing -- Online communities -- Mobile marketing -- Augmented, virtual and mixed reality -- Part 3. Digital marketing strategy and planning -- Digital marketing audit -- Digital marketing strategy and objectives -- Building the digital marketing plan -- Part 4. Digital marketing management -- Managing resources and reporting -- Digital marketing metrics and analytics -- Integrating and transforming digital marketing
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Digital marketing fundamentals : omcp's official guide to omcatm certification / Greg Jarboe, Matt Bailey, Michael Stebbins
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, 2023
654 tr. ; cm.

Prepare for the OMCP certification exam and expand your digital marketing skillset Courses relying on the OMCP Digital Marketing Certification standards attract over 70,000 students at 900 universities around the world each year. This challenging curriculum requires strong command of content marketing, conversion rate optimization, and other digital marketing competencies in high market demand. In Digital Marketing Bootcamp: The All-In-One Guide to Mastering OMCP Certification Standards, veteran digital media and marketing expert Greg Jarboe delivers an essential and accessible roadmap to completing the highly sought-after OMCP Digital Marketing Certification. You'll explore topics like digital analytics, social media marketing, and search engine optimization with the help of industry-leading authors and members of the OMCP Standards Committee
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