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Antimicrobial resistance : global report on surveillance / World Health Organization
Geneva : World Health Organization, 2014
256 tr. ; cm.
World Health Organization
This report examines, for the first time, the current status of surveillance and information on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at country level worldwide, with particularly attention to antibacterial resistance
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Derivatives Theory and Practice of Trading, Valuation, and Risk Management : Springer Texts in Business and Economics / Jiří Witzany
Springer, 2020
381 tr. ; cm.

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Logistics : an introduction to supply chain management / Donald Waters
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2003
369 tr. ; 25 cm.

Logistics and supply chains -- Development of logistics -- Logistics strategy -- Implementing the strategy -- Integrated supply chains -- Global logistics -- Locating facilities -- Capacity management -- Controlling the flow of materials -- Procurement -- Inventory management -- Warehousing and material handling -- Transport -- Measuring and improving performance -- Supply chain risk.
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Principles of risk management and insurance / George E. Rejda, Michael J. McNamara
Boston : Pearson, 2014
721 tr. ; cm.

Preface -- Basic concepts in risk management and insurance -- Risk and its treatment -- Insurance and risk -- Introduction to risk management -- Advanced topics in risk management -- Types of insurers and marketing systems -- Insurance company operations -- Financial operations of insurers -- Government regulation of insurance -- Legal principles in risk and insurance -- Fundamental legal principles -- Analysis of insurance contracts -- Life insurance -- Life insurance contractual provisions -- Buying life insurance -- Annuities and individual retirement accounts -- Health-care reform : individual health insurance coverage -- Employee benefits : group life and health insurance -- Employee benefits : retirement plan -- Social insurance -- The liability risk -- Homeowners insurance -- Auto insurance -- Other property and liability insurance coverage -- Commercial property and liability risks -- Commercial property insurance -- Commercial property insurance -- Commercial liability insurance -- Crime insurance and surety bonds -- Glossary -- Index
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Project management : the managerial process / Erik W. Larson, Clifford F. Gray
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2021
1129 tr. ; cm.

Our motivation in writing this text continues to be to provide a realistic, socio-technical view of project management. In the past, textbooks on project management focused almost exclusively on the tools and processes used to manage projects and not the human dimension
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